Prior Industrial Services is currently looking for a Catalyst Technicians to perform loading, unloading, maintenance, and repairs to industrial reactors on (petrol) chemical refineries.

Position Summary:
Catalyst  Technicians will use proprietary equipment to load and unload industrial reactors. In doing so they will endure harsh and hazardous environments and materials. The technicians will be responsible for making entry to confined spaces and inert confined spaces in order to perform loading/unloading procedures, or maintenance and repairs to the reactor. This work is very physical and requires the mental capability to work in hazardous confined space environment while wearing a protective suit with breathing apparatus. 

Required Qualifications 
1. Catalyst  Technicians must meet all aspects of the entry level job duties. 

2. Must be able to maintain current First Aid and pass a physical examination that will include but not be limited to a Pulmonary Function Test, and be issued a written Physicians Opinion establishing fitness to wear a negative pressure respirator for extended periods and must be capable of fitting through a minimum 18” diameter man ways with required gear to access safe entry. 

3. Will at all times be required to conduct themselves in a courteous and respectable manner that reflects well on the individual and the company and have the ability to maintain good communication with plant safety, process operators, supervision and other contractors. 

4. Must be able to understand and follow instructions from supervision. Must have the ability to plan and carry out work assignments/orders and determine the proper personnel protective equipment required for the job. 

5. Will be required to demonstrate the ability to understand and carry out written, verbal and diagrammed instructions. For safety consideration this employee must have the ability to read, write and understand English.

6. Must be able to arrive at assigned job locations on time and as required by supervision.

7. Will be required to learn, maintain and enforce all safe work practices, safety policies and regulations. 

8. Will be required to demonstrate the ability to perform and assist the rig up/rig down of the life support system consistent with the requirements of the Catalyst Services module rig up/rig down procedures.

9. Must have the ability to organize the work load and prioritize them according to importance of the task.

10. Will be required to spend extended periods (possibly weeks) at remote field locations and be able to participate in a two-shift system providing twenty-four hour coverage.

11. Will be required to participate in and comply with the Controlled Substance and Alcohol program and maintain an active membership in the required drug consortium. 

12. Must be able to work in all climatic conditions for extended periods. 

13. Will be required to frequently lift and carry up to 20 kg / 50 pounds. 

14. Will be required to spend extended periods standing and crouching. 

15. Will be required to complete and submit all required documentation in a manner that is consistent with company policy.

16. Will be required to demonstrate the skills and knowledge (with appropriate training) consistent with the customers’ requirements of the Rescue Team Member.

17. Must observe the clean-shaven policies of both Prior and its clients.

18. Must be able to complete the Prior training program and pass the examination.

19. Will maintain constant communications with all VET’s and module operator during entry and monitor vessel activities. 

20. Must be able and willing to (while under life support helmet) enter and perform work in confined spaces. It should be understood that confined spaces pose various hazards that may include but not be.

Limited to:
Low light and poor visibility. The use of breathing apparatus for extended periods. High or low ambient temperature. Vertical stair and ladder use in excess of 30 meters / 100 ft. Working in cramped conditions. Cannot be claustrophobic.

Prior Industrial Services – Catalyst Services is an equal opportunity employer; and is dedicated to providing a safe and drug free working environment.