Catalyst Handling & Tubular Services

Discharging and loading reactors is a critical task that revolves around safety and efficiency. A plant which has down-time due to a catalyst change does not deliver any end product and time is money. Catalyst handling is very specialized work. Prior Industrial Services has specialists in its team who manage this work and can be deployed worldwide. We act as a partner for our client. Our specialists work together with our client’s specialists so that the end customer is as satisfied as possible with regard to quality, safety, speed and of course the costs. We participate in the sustainable innovations of our clients and ensure that the qualifications of our employees stay up to date.

Our employees are specialized in:

Loading and unloading of reactors

Reactor specific services such as (soft) vacuum unloading, wet unloading, sock loading, dense loading

Execute tasks in inert and toxic atmospheres


Reactor cooling

Catalyst transport

Plant turn arounds / shut downs

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